Human touch: a biological necessity

It isn't surprising that, as a massage therapist, that I am a massive advocate of human touch and recognise the effects it has on our wellbeing - physically and emotionally.

This podcast by Dr Chatterjee is fascinating, it delves into the science behind how necessary touch is, from early development to reducing the psychological effects of loneliness. If you listen - it may change the way you interact with your loved ones.

See below an extract and link to his website.

Touch – The Forgotten Sense

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

"Human touch is not a sentimental indulgence, it is a biological necessity.

Have you ever stopped to think about how incredible our skin is, and the sensation of touch? In my latest Feel Better, Live More podcast, I talk with Professor Francis McGlone, world-leading researcher & professor of neuroscience at Liverpool John Moores University. We discuss the importance of human touch and the fascinating research Francis has done on its effect on our brains. 🎧 >

The science of the human touch system and the different nerve fibres that allow us to experience it is complex, but Francis breaks it down in a brilliant way and the take home message from this conversation is simple - we need more human touch in our lives! Touch is not simply about letting us know what is going on in our outside world - it has an emotional quality as well which feeds our emotional brains, which is especially important for infants. Appropriate, non threatening human touch is absolutely necessary for our brains to develop optimally and emerging evidence suggests that it can even impact our resilience to stress throughout our lives!"


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