Too early for Spring cleaning?

As the sun is shining, bulbs are sprouting in the garden, and my daughter has started a massive reorganising of her bedroom, is it too soon to think about spring? Wishful thinking maybe, but it feels like a good time to start thinking about refreshing all parts of your life. Here are some ideas of different areas to consider shaking up (or indeed cooling down!) a bit.

Fitness regime

If you are feeling bored by your current exercise routine, maybe its time to try something new. If you always go to the gym, why not try some group exercise classes for a change, the best ones, in my experience, are full of inspiration, fun, and new friends.

Tidy and declutter

Does everyone have a ‘cupboard of despair’ or is that just me? Unfortunately I have several, and some drawers in a similar state of chaos! It is surprisingly therapeutic to go through, throw away all the out of date things and all of the rubbish, and create some order.

Diet rethink

Growing up, my mum always said ‘eat everything in moderation’, and I wholeheartedly agree with her! I enjoy baking and eating cakes and biscuits, but also cook healthy food as much as possible. When it comes to planning weekly meals, I do easily to get into a food-rut, and cook the same things week on week, limiting my repertoire to a small number of recipes. I regularly browse online recipe sites for inspiration and ideas of new things to cook, and try and make at least one meal each week something new.


It is amazing how much time can disappear whilst scrolling through social media sites. It is really quite addictive. With so much technology at our fingertips, we can be totally entertained all of the time, but too much time has been linked with sleep problems and depression. I found a tip that has helped me to cut back on time looking at social media, and that was to move the apps to the third page of my phone, and into a social media folder. Without seeing the apps (and notifications) there whenever I open my phone, I am finding that I don’t open them even half as often anymore.


Friendships change as we do over time, and some can become quite negative without you even realising when or how it happened. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate some of those friendships. Try writing a list of all of the people in your life, circling those who are the most important to you and focus more energy on those you really value.

Me time

Our lives seem to be getting busier, and I think it’s really important to actively plan in some ‘me-time’. Whether it is going for a walk, reading a book, going to a pilates class or getting a massage, I try to start my week looking at my diary and making sure I allow time for the activities that are important to me.

Which reminds me, its time to book in that well-deserved massage I promised myself for next week... ;-)

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