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I know the impact stress can have on all aspects of your emotional and physical health. My own experience came after spending 12 years working for a large corporate organisation.  My stress levels soared and I was juggling my job with a young family, working late into the evening once the kids had gone to bed. My health started to suffer : headaches, anxiety, sleep problems, digestive issues, and chronic back and neck pain. 


I found the nurturing effects of massage helped to reduce the impact of my stress, and ultimately took an opportunity to change my career and become a therapist who could help people to return to a state of balance, better able to cope with the stress in their lives.


In more recent years I have experienced a sustained period of emotional trauma. Again, I experienced similar health problems as a result, anxiety directly hitting my digestive system, I felt like I had been eating rocks!


I explored different holistic therapies to help me through this difficult time, and found amazing results with reiki healing. It has been, and still is, a fundamental therapy in helping me experience all of these changes in my life and still feel like 'me'. 

With the training and experience I have gained since starting as a holistic therapist in 2007, and my own personal experiences through the various challenges I have experienced, I aim to give my clients a treatment that leaves them feeling nurtured, soothed, and replenished. Helping them to feel stronger, healthier, and happier in their own skin. 

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